About me

My name is Ole Jauch, and I am a visual camera based artist.

Born in 1964 in Odense, Denmark, I have spent much of my adult life translating the world, visual impressions and experiences into art.

I express myself through various artistic techniques, including photography, graphics, painting, video, sound and the written word.

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About my art and expressions

I have been a creating person for many years. In many different forms of expression and media.


Within the recent 10+ years, photography has been the main supporting element and starting point for my works and my art.


Over many years, I have focused on and immersed myself in different motifs and motif worlds, but I find that over time the motif becomes less and less important, but at the same time more and more important.


The motif has become a carrier wave or frequency for communicating the feeling or condition I experience at the moment the picture is taken. This is precisely why the motif remains important.


And because the motif is important, I find motifs that matter. Which speaks to me intuitively and through layers. Since loneliness and nature mean something to me, I am often drawn to lonely nature or lonely natural areas, where I find my frequencies that can convey my state. Often it is beautiful but not reality, it is a picture of reality as I see and experience it in the state I am in.


I am driven by the duality between insignificance and importance. As it literately pulls in different directions, time is created for stories. A space for time. I find myself in this almost timeless space and I want to both challenge and explore this in-between space – this time. This loneliness of time.


My latest book "MANDØ" is about Time and Time. It is about the tide and the quiet time. The quiet life.


I thought my next project would be about Tide. Tide physically waves back and forth in an endless motion without any possibility of human influence. I thought I was going to do that project, but as I slowly reflect on and digest the MANDØ book and find out why it was made, it also merges with my two previous books, which are about vulnerability and loneliness.


In a way, I find that the three books are about the same thing, which of course is not surprising. They are all about me and my way of doing things in life. It is the starting point for something more. For a personal journey and story about my inner life. My lonely life, my vulnerable life. I call it my inner tide.


I don't know where it will take me or how it will be designed, but I have an intuitive feeling that the outlet lies in my previous books. I think it will become a fourth book. I have become comfortable with publishing my works in books. As the book is a work in itself. The book represents to me the same feeling as buying a music album. To be able to browse/listen at your own pace and create your own story, your own images and world.


It is my desire to dig and search for something heartfelt, something deep within myself. I have made some major life changes over the last six years and it has opened up channels for inspiration and immersion that I have not experienced before. In a way, I have been emotionally reborn and have gotten in touch with myself and parts of myself unknow to me. Through this I observe and store impressions and create my expressions.